Goseong Grass Camping Site: Where Childrens Bright Smiles Shine

Goseong Grassland Campground

Goseong Grassland Campground

Located halfway between Goseong-eup and the county park, the Goseong Grassland Campground is a renovated abandoned school turned into a camping site. This haven of happiness for children is designed with more than 40 spacious sites where you can comfortably set up your tents.


Unlike other campsites, the deck sites here are raised from the ground to prevent moisture from rising from below. The campground is a testament to its child-friendly environment, with a grassy playground for children to run around freely, and paths for inline skating and kickboarding. There are also two trampolines located separately for children to enjoy without having to wait.

On the inside, there is a library, an indoor playground, and a movie theater, where movies are shown on weekends. In the summer, there are two swimming pools with regulated water levels. When night falls, the Milky Way sprawls across the sky, offering a feast of countless stars rarely seen in the city.

On one side of the campground, a vegetable garden grows lettuce, green onions, perilla leaves, and peppers, which can be freely picked and eaten. The campground conducts its own disinfection every Friday and Saturday.

Features and Benefits

  • Closed annually from late December to late March
  • Self-disinfection every Friday and Saturday

Contact Information

Address: 479 Yongtae-ri, Hail-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Phone: 010-9131-8560

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