Gapyeong Apple Tree Camping Site: A Spacious Retreat with a Spectacular View

The Gapyeong Apple Tree Campsite

Gapyeong Apple Tree Campsite

Located in the Sang-myeon area of Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi-do, close to Seoul, the Gapyeong Apple Tree Campsite is a peaceful campground where families or small groups of 2-3 can stay and enjoy the refreshing ambiance. The campsite, built on a high-altitude plateau surrounded by a forest of trees, was initially intended to be a pension. Its impressive scenery is due to the unique structure of the private-owned small mountain developed like a staircase.

Features and Benefits

  • Great view.
  • Each site can have an individual setup.

At the end of the site, a wooden deck has been installed, providing a comfortable area for setting up your camp. The first floor can accommodate about 5-6 sites to create a cozy campground. The second floor houses the office and public facilities in the administrative building, also offering a great view and an excellent place to take pictures if you have a tent.

Additional Features

In the middle of the third floor, a trampoline for children is installed, and if you go up to the orchard on the top floor, you will find a site called ‘Walnut Tree.’ It’s the most splendid place where you can enjoy solitude. The campground, not just with apple trees but also grapevines, has a walking path where you can feel the charm of the season. In the fall, wildflowers bloom all over the place, creating the true joy of camping. Although there is no separate store, firewood is sold. Keep this in mind for your trip.

Contact Information

  • Address: 427-6 Hangsa-ri, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 010-5380-5559

Nearby Activities

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