Explore the Cool Waters of Hwayang Valley at Cheongcheon Hwayangdong Tourist Farm – Chorongi Camping Site

Blue Sky Hwayang Tourist Farm Chorongi Campsite

Blue Sky Hwayang Tourist Farm Chorongi Campsite

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A refreshing camping site by the flowing Hwayang Valley.


The Blue Sky Hwayang Tourist Farm Chorongi Campsite is located in Cheongcheon-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk. It is approximately 24km from the Goesan County Office, and can be reached by car via Seobu Road, Songmun Road, and Munjang Road in that order. The journey takes less than 30 minutes. The campsite is nestled next to the refreshing Hwayang Valley. Thanks to the trees planted around the area, the campsite provides ample shade making it suitable for camping even in the peak of summer. The campsite is equipped with 48 general camping areas, each comprising of 24 decks and 24 bare soil areas. Personal trailers are allowed entry, however, caravans are not permitted. The campsite operates during spring, summer, and autumn, and reservations can only be made online in real time. Small dogs are allowed entry. The campsite also offers various facilities such as an auditorium, restaurant, and seminar room for group users. Nearby attractions include the Yokryang Waterfall, where water falls from a height of 15m, creating a magnificent scene, along with Janggak Waterfall, Osong Waterfall, and the famous Myeongsin Pension Restaurant known for its goat hot pot.


8 Dabo-ro, Cheongcheon-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea



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