Experience the Magnificence of Nature at the Jirisan National Nature Retreat

National Jirisan Natural Recreation Forest

National Jirisan Natural Recreation Forest

Preserving the grandeur of nature, the National Jirisan Natural Recreation Forest is indeed a gem in the heart of South Korea. Opened in 1996, it spreads across an area of 1.42 million square meters and can accommodate up to 550 visitors per day.

The forest, managed by the National Natural Recreation Forest Management Office, is situated at the starting point of the Baekdudaegan mountain range climbing course, centered around Cheonwangbong Peak of Jirisan National Park, which stands at an altitude of 1,915.4m. It is also located at the branching point of the Young Ho Nam section of the Byeokso Ryeong valley.

Facilities and Activities

The recreation forest boasts 36 guest rooms and 14 camping sites. It also offers a forest training center for youth mental and physical training and natural experience learning. The forest is equipped with diverse facilities like pavilions, mountain huts, iron bridges, walking paths, hiking trails, a sports field, a forestry school, a grass square, forest bathing areas, swinging bridges, picnic spots, water play areas, a natural observation center, an outdoor lecture hall, fitness facilities, and a children’s playground.

Reservation holders must be the same as the check-in guests, and identification must be carried at all times. Local festivals and nearby attractions include Gurye Hwaeomsa, Hadong Ssanggyesa, Sancheong Daewonsa, Namwon Silsangsa temples, Nogodan, Bulil Waterfall, Hwagae Valley, Cheonghakdong, Doin Village, Hamyang Forest Forest, Heungbu Village, and others. The end of July sees the Ginseng Festival, September hosts the Waterwheel Festival, and October brings the Cheonwang Festival, offering a variety of sights for visitors.

Contact Details

Address: 1256, Machun Samjeong-ro, Machun-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Telephone: 055-963-8133

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