Experience the Great Outdoors: Icheon Agricultural Theme Park National Leisure Camping Site

Icheon Agricultural Theme Park: National Leisure Campground

Perched atop a hill in the Icheon Rice Theme Park, we find the serene campsite, Icheon Agricultural Theme Park National Leisure Campground.

Icheon Agricultural Theme Park Campground

Location and Surroundings

The National Leisure Campground is conveniently located right next to the South Icheon exit on the Central Expressway. As you exit the highway, the Democracy Movement Memorial Park is directly in sight. A left turn will swiftly lead you towards the Agricultural Theme Park. This park is dedicated to Icheon rice, featuring local agricultural information and history, as well as providing opportunities for agricultural experiences.

The National Leisure Campground is strategically situated at the uppermost part of the Agricultural Theme Park, encircling the Harvest Festival Grounds. Adjacent to it are the Rice Food Village, Folk Play Experience Field, and Rice Culture Center. The campsite is elevated, providing an excellent panoramic view of the surroundings. All sites are decked, ensuring campers’ privacy and providing a comfortable camping experience.

Contact Information

Address: 48, Park Road, Moga-myeon, Icheon City, Gyeonggi Province

Telephone: 070-4941-3945

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