Experience the Four Seasons at Finland Camping Site: A Valley Glamping Haven with a Heated Pool

Finland Camping Castle: A Valley Glamping Site with a Year-Round Hot Water Pool

Finland Camping Castle

Located in the Mulgol Path of Gapyeong, Finland Camping Castle is a glamping site that is sure to fulfill all your camping and nature-loving needs. This unique campsite, nestled by the valley, is an eco-friendly space where the singing of birds and the sound of flowing water greet you each morning.

The campsite is surrounded by pine trees which are rich in phytoncides, natural antibacterial substances. To help guests immerse themselves in nature, sunbeds and decks are placed by the valley side. Moreover, it operates a hot water pool all year round, enabling visitors to enjoy a good swim regardless of the season.

Additional amenities offered at the Camping Castle include two outdoor swimming pools, Finnish saunas, a valley rest area, a children’s playground, swings, and individual barbecue facilities. This place truly holds a promise of a fun-filled camping experience in the heart of nature.

Location and Nearby Activities

The address of the Finland Camping Castle is 102, Mulgol-gil, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. As for nearby activities, summer water fun and autumn foliage spots are popular choices among visitors.

Features and Benefits

No specific features and benefits are mentioned, but judging from the above description, the Finland Camping Castle is undoubtedly a place where you can enjoy a serene and memorable camping experience enriched by the beauty of Korean nature and culture.