Experience Spacious Camping at Mareyung Keunshinaedeul Campsite!

Mareung Big Creek Campsite

Mareung Big Creek Campsite

Introducing the Mareung Big Creek Campsite – a place where you can enjoy generous camping in a vast site! An ideal spot for camping and glamping located in Kangjeong-ri, Mareung-myeon, Jinan.


This campsite is known for its incredibly spacious sites where you can use space freely, and its well-equipped facilities have gained a good reputation among users. The maintenance of the site and the cleanliness state are excellent. The toilets, showers, and water supply points set the standard for cleanliness. Despite the high mountainous location, the hot water comes out well and the water pressure is strong. The shower room has two hairdryers and there is a large commercial refrigerator where you can keep your food cool.

From its name alone, the eco-friendly Mareung Big Creek Campsite is surrounded by mountains on all sides, allowing you to hear the chirping of mountain birds and the croaking of frogs. The air is also clear, so you can see countless stars spread out in the sky at night. In addition, there is a stream flowing right next to it, so you can enjoy fishing and playing in the water.

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Contact Information

Address: 655-1 Kangjeong-ri, Mareung-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeonbuk

Telephone: 063-433-9442

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