Experience Sea Pleasures at DuMo Village: A Beautiful Oceanic Camping Site

Domoville Camping Ground

Domoville Camping Ground

Embark on an adventure at Domoville, a camping site brimming with beautiful seascapes and thrilling marine leisure activities.


Domoville Camping Ground is a gem nestled in the heart of a green rural experience village with a first-class stream flowing through it. It’s a clean camping site that’s home to a variety of aquatic life, including freshwater crabs and eels. The village is surrounded by a 20,000 pyeong terraced rice field that boasts a sea of canola flowers in spring and buckwheat fields in fall.

This serene and quaint camping site, adorned with lush pine trees, offers breathtaking views. It comprises of a guesthouse and a camping ground, divided into three zones: Zone 1 (1-11 grass, platform), Zone 2 (12-20 general area), and Zone 3 (21-26 deck). The site is popular among families, thanks to the clam digging experience right in front of the camping ground.


For a mere 5,000 won, you can rent a basket and hoe for clam digging. Besides that, a myriad of marine leisure activities such as sea cucumber picking, snorkeling, paddle boating, and banana boating are available. You can also try net fishing, kite flying, and sea fishing. Other activities include garlic-stem picking, rice planting, rice harvesting, and a farming experience touring the village on a tractor. Domoville in South Sea might just be the perfect summer vacation spot for families with children. As all activities require preparation, advance reservations are necessary.


  • Name: Domoville Camping Ground
  • Features and benefits: Camping ground with many experiential learning areas
  • Address: 18 Yang-ah-ro 533beon-gil, Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: None

Nearby Activities

Domoville is surrounded by a variety of activities including sunrise and sunset spots, water sports, fishing, activities, spring flower trips, summer water play, autumn foliage spots, winter snow flower spots, and walking paths.