Experience Refreshing and Cool Serenity at Rohas Camping Site – The Gem of Pure Nature!

Rohas Camping Ground

Rohas Camping Ground

Experience the cool and refreshing nature of highlands at Rohas Camping!


Rohas Camping Ground, located in Sanho Lake Village, Sannae-myeon, Jeongeup-si, is nestled between altitudes of 200 to 650 meters. This small and quiet campsite hosts 14 cozy deck sites, creating a family-like atmosphere for campers, with no clutter or confusion. Additionally, it operates five 4-person caravans and ten 6-person caravans, all equipped with TVs and well-functioning Wi-Fi, ensuring no network issues during your camping experience. The interiors of the caravans are clean, and the campsite is well-maintained.

On account of its highland location, Rohas prides itself in its pristine natural environment. The campsite is near the entrance of Sanho Lake Village, where there’s a dam on the Seomjin River, allowing for activities like swimming and fishing. In autumn, chestnut trees nearby provide a delightful opportunity for campers to pick chestnuts. As the sun sets, the campsite offers a view so mesmerizing that it’s hard to tell whether it’s fantasy or reality.

Moreover, being a highland area, the campsite sells diverse vegetables and mountain herbs freshly harvested from its cabbage fields. A 10-minute walk from the campsite will lead you to the Gugyeolcho Festival venue, a popular event that attracts many tourists despite the quiet rural village setting.


  • Address: 662, Jongsung-ri, Sannae-myeon, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-538-5180

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