Experience Natural Serenity at Pocheon Nature Village Seoul Campsite – Equipped with Tents

Pocheon Nature Village Seoul Campground

Pocheon Nature Village Seoul Campground

Pocheon Nature Village Seoul Campground, also known as the tent-setup campground, is a family nature experience facility utilizing a closed school in the countryside, directly operated by Seoul City. A unique feature of this site is that tents are set up in the campground, making it possible for visitors to stay overnight even without their own tent. The tents provided are from famous outdoor companies, ensuring a high level of satisfaction among visitors.

Seoul City provides tents, fire pits, picnic tables, and tarps free of charge to all visitors, though tarps are not plentiful. It is recommended to prepare separately on weekends.


Inside the old school building, there are various facilities. When using the facilities inside the school, visitors are required to remove their shoes and switch to provided slippers. The building houses multimedia rooms, a Go classroom, and a small library for visitors. The multimedia room is equipped with IPTV for video viewing, while the Go classroom provides facilities for playing Go and Janggi. In addition, the library is stocked with books for visitors to enjoy during their free time. The surroundings also offer a vegetable garden using the local natural environment and various experiences for children to enjoy.

Contact Information & Location

  • Address: 371-115, Bukwon-ro, Gwanin-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 031-533-9535

Nearby Activities

For those seeking additional activities, the campground is a famous spot for viewing autumn foliage. The area is rich in natural beauty and offers the opportunity to experience the breathtaking colors of the fall season, making it an ideal location for nature lovers.