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Mountain Peak Campground: Easy Access and Comfortable Camping

Mountain Peak Campground

The Mountain Peak Campground, known as 산마루캠핑장 in Korean, is a conveniently located campsite in the Dopung-ri area of Pocheon, an hour’s drive from Seoul. This proximity to the capital makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking a quick and easy escape from the city.

Convenience and Comfort

It offers pick-up services for campers without vehicles. After getting off at the Dopung-ri terminal, a simple phone call can arrange a pick-up, but reservations need to be made a day in advance. This campsite accommodates both traditional camping and glamping enthusiasts. The glamping area allows vehicle parking right in front of the tents, sparing campers the hassle of carrying luggage from afar. With a dedicated tarp set up for each glamping house, campers can enjoy their meals regardless of the weather. All rooms have Wi-Fi access, and safety measures are strictly adhered to, with regular patrols conducted until dawn and fire extinguishers and detectors installed in every room.

Nature and More

The Mountain Peak Campground offers more than just camping; it allows campers to immerse themselves in nature fully. At the on-site farm, from which the campground gets its name, visitors can observe animals such as chickens and rabbits. Depending on the season, they can also harvest fresh vegetables and herbs. In autumn, the bounty extends to chestnuts fallen from the trees that fill the hill behind the campground. There are several attractions nearby, including Goseokjeong, the 2nd Tunnel, Woljeong-ri Station, the Labor Party House, Sambuyeon Waterfall, and Jiktang Waterfall, making the campground an excellent base for exploring the area.

Address: 6584-20 Geumgang-ro, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 010-5248-7059