Experience Dawn at Myeongdoeg Auto Camping Site: A Perfect Beachfront Getaway in Namhae Island

Brilliant Dawn Auto Camping Ground

Brilliant Dawn Auto Camping Ground

The Brilliant Dawn Camping Ground, also known as 명도그 오토캠핑장 in Korean, is a top-rated camping spot located along the east coast of Namhae Island. Nestled just below the renowned Moonhang Village, known for its sea exploration experiences, this campsite offers a captivating atmosphere with its picturesque coastal views and morning sunrise.

Features and Location

Despite the term “dog” in its name, Brilliant Dawn Camping Ground does not allow pets. The campsite is a short 5-minute walk to the beach, where you and your kids can have fun catching shellfish and crabs in the mudflats. Adding to the allure of this place is a cafe with a panoramic view and a pleasant atmosphere at the entrance of the campsite, ensuring a leisurely trip for all.

  • Address: 176-187 Seolcheon-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 055-862-5060

Nearby Activities

Apart from the campsite’s offerings, nearby activities include visiting sunrise viewing spots, ensuring a complete and satisfying camping experience at Brilliant Dawn Camping Ground.