Experience Caravan Camping with a Panoramic View of the East Sea at Perio Campsite

Ferio Camping Site

Imagine being able to enjoy the panoramic view of the East Sea while camping in a cozy caravan. That’s what awaits you at the Ferio Camping Site, a place where the dazzling landscape of the East Sea unfolds right before your eyes.

Ferio Camping Site

Located in Uljin-eup, Uljin-gun, Gyeongbuk, the Ferio pension and caravan is about 5km away from the Uljin County Office. You can easily reach the camping site by taking the Hyonnae Harbor Road, East Sea Road, or Uljin North Road. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes by car.

Facilities and Surroundings

The campsite houses eight well-equipped caravans. Inside, you’ll find everything you need for comfortable living, including a bed, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, sink, toilet, and shower. The exterior deck is fully covered to protect against the rain, with tables and chairs perfectly arranged for your comfort. Moreover, the campsite features a beam projector and a large screen, making movie viewing possible.

The beauty of this campsite doesn’t end with the East Sea view. The site is surrounded by numerous popular tourist attractions like Bongpyeong Beach and Jukbyeon Harbor, making your journey even more enjoyable. You can also find plenty of restaurants nearby that serve fresh seafood.

Nearby Activities

  • Sunrise viewing spots
  • Summer water activities

Contact Information

Address: 906 Uljin North Road, Uljin-eup, Uljin-gun, Gyeongbuk

Telephone: Not provided

Whether you are a fervent camper or a lover of Korean culture and nature, the Ferio Camping Site is a destination that should not be missed. Its proximity to the East Sea and various local attractions offers a unique and memorable camping experience.