Experience Authentic Outdoor Fun at Damter Wilderness Campsite!

Damtuh Wilderness Campground

For the true taste of camping, there’s nothing like the great outdoors and the Damtuh Wilderness Campground truly offers just that! Damtuh Wilderness Campground


Located in the upper reaches of the Geumak Mountain Damtuh Valley in Pocheon, this campground covers an area of 1,000㎡. The site is divided into four zones, with one zone being a deck site and the rest being crushed stone. The well-maintained site in the forest offers plenty of shade, allowing you to avoid the hot sun even in midsummer. There are plenty of trees, providing ample space to hang a hammock. As it’s located in a remote mountainous area far from the village, the sound of leaves and cicadas delivers the serenity of the forest.

Facilities and Features

  • The nearby valley has clear water and shallow depth, making it safe for children to play in the water.
  • Props such as wooden chairs that resemble photo zones are placed everywhere, and a red phone booth adds to the mood.
  • The forest library is stocked with books for all ages to enjoy at leisure.
  • The rabbit in the vegetable garden offers children the pleasure of observation.
  • The wide gravel area allows for simple sports and group meetings to enjoy recreation.

Location and Contact

The Damtuh Wilderness Campground is situated in the Geumak Mountain Damtuh Valley. Its address is 40-1 Samyul-ri, Gwanin-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do and can be reached at 033-455-7064.

Nearby Activities

In addition to the camping experience, there’s plenty to see and do in the nearby area. Activities include viewing the sunrise, spring flower tours, autumn foliage viewing spots, and walking trails.