Expansive Yard Camping Site: Nowons Healing Campground in Pocheon for Nowons Delight

Broad Yard Campground

Broad Yard Campground

A hidden gem in Pocheon, the Broad Yard Campground is a haven for campers and nature enthusiasts. The campground started in 2011 under the name “Broad Yard Campground” and was later renamed to “Nowon Healing Campground” in October 2018 when the Nowon District Office took over its operation.

Location and Accessibility

The campground is located in Dopung-ri, I-dong-myeon, Pocheon-si and takes about an hour by car from Nowon-gu. This campground is managed by Nowon District Office and operated specifically for the residents of Nowon District. Only residents of Nowon District can visit and use the campground.

Features of the Campground

The Broad Yard Campground is famous for its vast grassland that resembles a sports field, perfect for children to run around. The intense blue color of the grass in summer might even dazzle your eyes. While the grass shines bright during the day, the atmosphere changes at night when the lights connected to the trees in the campground are turned on, creating a beautiful ambiance.

The camping facilities include 36 sites (bungalows, decks, and 19 tent sites, 16 camping sites) and two shower rooms and washing rooms. The sites are divided into categories such as double family, bungalow, semi-bungalow, comfort zone, VIP, camping site (grass, crushed stone). A 50% discount is offered to Nowon District residents on any site, but proof of residency is required.

Additional information

  • Address: 2530 Hwadong-ro, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 02-2116-0547

Nearby Activities

There’s more to do than just camping at the Broad Yard Campground. In the summer, enjoy water play and in the fall, visit the famous autumn foliage spots. It’s the perfect place to experience the natural beauty of Korea through the changing seasons.