Enjoy Unforgettable Family Fun at Iphwasan Forest Camping: A Paradise for Childrens Activities and Experiences.

Ipwhasan Charmsali Forest Campground: A Happy Forest Campsite Filled with Fun and Experiences for Kids

Ipwhasan Charmsali Forest Campsite

The Ipwhasan Charmsali Forest Campground is a unique camping experience located in the heart of the city of Ulsan, operated by the Ulsan Jung-gu Office. Nestled at the entrance of Mount Ipwha, the campground is inaccessible by vehicle. This means campers have to walk to their site, but fear not, a monorail system is in place to transport all your gear right to your chosen spot.

Children are fascinated by the novelty of the monorail and its role in moving campers’ belongings. Watching it move up the campground brings out cheers of excitement. It’s a unique camping experience unlike your typical campgrounds. The campground allows the use of electricity on site, although the use of charcoal is prohibited throughout the year.

Surrounded by oak and pine trees, the campground is shaded by nature providing a cool atmosphere for campers. A hiking trail is also available for those who wish to enjoy a light mountain trek, making it a two-in-one camping experience.

Ipwhasan Campground is a place filled with various experiential learning opportunities. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, activities such as forest play, forest rope, natural crafts, tarot, camping cooking contest, constellation observation, forest movie theater, and bubble magic show are organized, providing a variety of things for children to experience and enjoy.

Additional Information:

  • Address: 8 Daundong, Jung-gu, Ulsan
  • Telephone: 052-290-4410
  • Nearby activities: Spring flower trip, walking trails