Enjoy the Woods at Glampers Yangpyeong: A Premium Camping Site in Korea

Glamper’s Yangpyeong – A Taste of Luxury in The Heart of Nature

Glamper's Yangpyeong
Located amidst the lush greenery of Yangpyeong, Glamper’s Yangpyeong offers a luxurious camping experience that harmoniously coexists with the natural surroundings. Its unique setup allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature without causing any harm to it.

Experience Luxury in Nature

Glamper’s Yangpyeong is not your typical camping site. It goes beyond the usual, offering a luxurious atmosphere within its space. Unlike other glamping sites, the interior exudes a sense of opulence, allowing you to experience the joy of camping with a touch of luxury.

Safety and Comfort

At Glamper’s Yangpyeong, safety is our utmost priority. The tents are constructed with stable steel structures and fire-resistant materials, adhering to the stringent European safety standards. Even in the case of a fire, the material used in our tents can prevent the release of toxic gases, ensuring your well-being.

Privacy and Convenience

Every room at Glamper’s Yangpyeong offers a sense of privacy, thanks to its unique independent structure where each room faces a different direction. Additionally, all our rooms are equipped with individual bathrooms and outdoor barbeque facilities, making it the perfect place to create memorable moments with your loved ones. Furthermore, all our rooms have Wi-Fi access, adding to your convenience.

Amenities and More

Glamper’s Yangpyeong is not just about camping; it’s about providing a wholesome experience. Our amenities include a star viewing deck, a sand playground (currently under maintenance), a children’s car playground, and a children’s swimming pool (operational in summer). We are continuously working on improving our facilities and developing new content for a better experience.

Contact Us

  • Address: 38-3 Daeburokgil, Danwol-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 031-772-7179