Enjoy the Clear Blue Sea at Gau Island Caravan Pension in Gangjin

Cow Island Caravan Pension

Cow Island Caravan PensionEnjoy the clear and blue sea of Gangjin at the Cow Island Caravan Pension. Perfectly named, this site is located on the Jeodo Sea Road in Gangjin County, providing a panoramic view of Cow Island. This location is filled with beautiful sea views and fresh air, making it an ideal getaway for those tired from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Cow Island Caravan Pension is as picturesque as it sounds, with a harmonious blend of sea and garden. The entrance itself greets visitors with a beautiful landscape that exudes a pleasant fragrance. Spanning an area of 1,200 pyeong, the site includes a general camping ground and large caravans, as well as a pension house. The general camping ground is equipped with tents, while the caravans are fully equipped with various amenities, kitchenware, and bathroom products for convenient use. Especially noteworthy is the caravan’s enclosed terrace, which allows for enjoyable barbecue parties regardless of rain or snow.

Features and Benefits

  • Double operation with a pension house
  • Large caravan
  • Adjacent to the sea
  • Spectacular sunset views

Location and Contact

Address: 3 Jeodubadat-gil, Daegu-myeon, Gangjin-gun, Jeonnam
Telephone: 061-434-6633

Nearby Activities

There’s plenty to see and do nearby. The Cow Island Suspension Bridge is just a 1-2 minute drive away, while the stylish Gobau Observation Deck is a mere 5-minute drive. Miryang Port is also within a 10-minute drive, so be sure to stop by. For those who enjoy sunrise and sunset spotting, water sports, or fishing, the Cow Island Caravan Pension offers an excellent base.