Enjoy Serene Healing Camping at Ihwasan Cham Salforest No.2 Auto Camping Site, Embraced by Nature

Ipwhasan Charm Forest Auto Camping Site 2

Ipwhasan Charm Forest Auto Camping Site

The Ipwhasan Charm Forest Auto Camping Site 2, nestled in the arms of the forest, offers a serene healing camping experience, just as its tagline suggests. Located within the city of Ulsan, it stands as a nature-friendly campsite operated by Ulsan Jung-gu Office.

Campsite Features

The camping site is made of crushed stone and offers 12 different sites. It provides facilities like a children’s playground and seven different nature sports, which are popular among children. The site is frequently visited by family picnickers during weekends. There is also an experiential playground for children within the campsite.

The campsite also rents out family play experience areas (forest interpretation, woodworking experience site) to visitors. Families who wish to participate can check the program and make a reservation in advance. Being close to the city center, even office workers can gather round easily on weekdays, bringing a picnic blanket and simple meals to enjoy a brief respite in nature.

Friends living near the campsite can also visit easily, making it a great place for a quick but fun getaway. Do remember the shower times (morning 07~09, evening 18~21), as hot water is available only during these hours.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 8 Daundong, Jung-gu, Ulsan
  • Telephone: 052-708-2831

Nearby Activities

While you are at the Ipwhasan Charm Forest Auto Camping Site, you can also enjoy other activities and walking trails available nearby. This makes it an ideal camping site for both relaxation and adventure.