Enjoy Relaxing Camping at Hwimunland Auto-Campsite – Your Personal Retreat in the Serene Mountains

Palindromic Land Auto Camping Site

Palindromic Land Auto Camping Site

Imagine the tranquility of your own private villa nestled in the peaceful mountains. Welcome to Palindromic Land Auto Camping Site, or in Korean, 회문랜드 오토캠핑장, a perfect blend of camping and guesthouse experience located at the foot of Mt. Hwamun in Sunchang.

A Tranquil Retreat in the Mountains

The Palindromic Land Auto Camping Site, which translates to ‘a place like a villa in the quiet mountains,’ is a serene getaway located halfway up the mountain. It offers an opportunity to enjoy the silence and tranquility of nature. The camping site spans over a 5000㎡ area boasting a crushed stone site and a deck site.

Comfortable Accommodation

The independent guesthouse is spacious enough for group stays, featuring a large living room and two bedrooms. A unique feature of the living room is a projector for movie nights and a Karaoke machine for bonding sessions. Unlike other camping sites, there are no fixed check-in or check-out times. It operates on a first-come, first-served phone reservation system, giving campers the flexibility to choose their preferred spot. The owner is known for their hospitality and consideration towards guests.

Natural Attractions

The Palindromic Land Auto Camping Site is a great place to connect with nature. You can enjoy water activities or catch tadpoles at the nearby Sabang Dam. The site is abundant with blueberry trees, offering a delightful fruit-picking experience during the harvest season. There’s also a vegetable garden growing lettuce, which campers can pick and enjoy with their barbeque after inquiry. A notable feature of this site is that it allows pets, so you can create memorable experiences amidst nature with your entire family, including your furry friends.

  • Address: 233, Anjeong-ri, Gureum-myeon, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do

Nearby Activities

Summer water activities and autumn leaf-peeping spots are popular nearby attractions.