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Unkle Campground: A Taste of Camping Delight

Unkle Campground

Unkle Campground, translated from the Korean name “엉클캠핑장”, is a newly established camping site situated in the stunning Baekwoon Valley of Dopung-ri, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si. Boasting an array of convenient facilities, this compound campground is a haven where you can savor the true essence of camping. It’s packed with a campsite, one-room accommodations, a restaurant, a café, and an indoor playground, promising a fun-filled experience for everyone.

Facilities and Atmosphere

One of the highlights of Unkle Campground is the centrally located indoor playground. A child’s paradise, this space offers endless entertainment for the little ones, ensuring they can play to their heart’s content all day long. This makes the campground an ideal location for families, allowing both parents and children to enjoy a relaxing camping trip.

The on-site café, affectionately known as the “Star Café”, rivals any urban coffee shop with its charming design and ambient lighting. It has been well received by female guests and offers a variety of coffee beverages, baked goods, light snacks, and beer, adding to the overall camping experience.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 2498-1, Hwadong-ro, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 070-8152-6823

Nearby Activities

The surrounding area of Unkle Campground offers additional activities to complement your camping experience. You can cool off with some summer water fun or visit the stunning autumn foliage sites when the season calls for it.