Enjoy Clean Underground Water Pool at Miryang Pyochung Auto Camping Site

Miryang Pyochung Auto Camping Site

Miryang Pyochung Auto Camping Site

Miryang Pyochung Auto Camping Site, named after the city of Miryang and the Pyochung historic site in the region, is an exciting getaway spot that is surrounded by mountains. The main attraction of this camping site is the clean underground water swimming pool, which makes your camping experience even more fun.

About the Campsite

The camping site is located amidst mountains on all sides and houses over 40 gravel sites. Although the trees within the campsite are relatively young and not suitable for hammock installations, the site offers ample space to pitch tents comfortably. Every two to three sites have a power distribution panel for convenient electricity usage, and even short reel lines would suffice. The sites also offer the convenience of parking right next to them.

Camping Experience

The swimming pool at this camping site is a major draw. Some campers even claim to visit the site every summer exclusively for the pool. The pool is spacious and fitted with sunshades to block the sunlight. It is not too deep, making it safe for kids to play in. The water is replaced every morning with clean underground water. However, remember that the underground water can be quite cold.

Running alongside the camping site is a clear stream where you can catch fish and freshwater molluscs. It serves as an excellent natural learning ground for kids. The site also features age-segregated trampolines and a small grassy playfield, providing an ideal play area for children.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 7 Badri-gil, Danjang-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.
  • Telephone: 055-351-1033

Although the camping site does not list any specific nearby activities, the natural surroundings offer ample opportunities for hiking, exploring, and enjoying the serene beauty of South Korean countryside.