Enjoy a Healing Getaway at Busan Harbor Camping Site, Overlooking the Majestic Sea and Grand Cruises

Busan Port Healing Campsite with Ocean View

Introducing the Busan Port Healing Campsite, a unique camping location that offers a panoramic view of the ocean and the grandeur of large cruise ships. Situated in Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, this site spans a generous 2,400 pyeong area that overlooks the North Port, the ocean, and the night view of Busan Port Bridge.

Busan Port Healing Campsite

The beauty of Busan Port’s night scenery coupled with the refreshing breeze and clean, spacious site undeniably make it the perfect place for family healing. Here at the Busan Port Healing Campsite, one can get up close and personal with the colossal cruise ships, separated only by a single fence. The expressions of excitement from foreign travelers, parents busily setting up tents, and children waving happily — though their nationalities may be unknown — are part and parcel of the unique charm of this campsite.

Facilities and Benefits

  • Location advantage: As the campsite is situated right next to the beach, one can enjoy the sight of large cruise ships.
  • Convenience: Campers can park their cars right next to their tents, reducing the hassle of carrying heavy luggage. Also, with the availability of a power distribution unit, one can use electricity if they have a reel line.
  • Safety: The campsite is well-lit at night with streetlights, reducing the risk of accidents while moving around, especially for children.
  • Facilities: Amenities like a basketball hoop, mini-library, swing chair, swimming pool, and a grass field are available for children to play freely. Additionally, camping gear is provided for marginalized groups, offering a convenient camping experience.

Contact Information and Nearby Activities

Address: 1185-1 Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan

Telephone: 051-400-1205

There are also plenty of nearby activities to engage in, including water sports, fishing, other activities, and water play in the summer. The Busan Port Healing Campsite is not just a camping site; it’s a place that offers a novel camping experience, especially for children, and a chance to build beautiful memories.