Enjoy Camping at Shipjibong Auto Camping Site Alongside Water Activities in Deokdong Valley

Cross Peak Auto Campsite

Cross Peak Auto Campsite

One of the prime spots to embrace the South Korean outdoors is the Cross Peak Auto Campsite located in the beautiful region of Baekun-myeon in Jecheon, Chungbuk. This area is a delightful blend of nature’s best, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy camping and water play simultaneously.

Getting There

The campsite is approximately 27km away from Jecheon City Hall, a 35-minute drive to the north that takes you through Gukhak Mountain Road and Deokdong Road. Its position in proximity to Deokdong Valley, one of the main tourist destinations in Jecheon, makes it an attractive destination for many.

Campsite Features

At the Cross Peak Auto Campsite, there are 26 car camping sites composed of crushed stone and deck. The sites vary in size and quantity: six are 4m wide and 7m long, and twenty are 7m in both width and length. Each site provides individual fireplaces and electricity.


  • The campsite is situated right in front of the valley and you can rent a platform for a comfortable summer vacation. For those who find camping inconvenient, there’s also a pension run concurrently.
  • No need to search for other tourist spots as the campsite itself is located in Deokdong Valley.
  • There’s an eatery within the campsite that serves chicken dishes.

Contact Details

Address: 536 Deokdong-ro, Baekun-myeon, Jecheon, Chungbuk

Telephone: 043-651-6886

Nearby Activities

One of the major benefits of this camping location is the opportunity to indulge in summer water activities right on your doorstep. This makes the Cross Peak Auto Campsite an attractive destination for those looking to combine a nature retreat with some fun water play.