Enjoy Camping at Goseong Namsan Park Auto Campsite: A Coastal Adventure in Dinosaur Land

Goseong Namsan Park Auto Camping Site

Experience camping where dinosaurs once roamed the earth.

Goseong Namsan Park Auto Camping Site

Goseong Namsan Park Auto Camping Site is one of the most stunning camping sites in Goseong, boasting of the most spectacular seaside view. The transparent sea unfolds right before your eyes, making it a healing experience just by looking at it. The spacious camping site consists of 27 deck sites, 3 glamping sites, 5 caravan sites, and 6 caravans. The expansive camping site ensures that each site has ample space for a comfortable tent setup.

Direct parking is available right next to your tent, eliminating the hassle of transferring your belongings from afar. Power distribution boxes are installed, making electricity accessible. The clean toilets and shower rooms are well-equipped with hot water, ensuring no inconvenience during use. The excellent drainage system in the camping site ensures no worries even during rainy days. The camping site is first-come-first-served. The expansive park is great for children to run around freely, and the path to the walking trail is beautifully decorated.

Features and Benefits

  • Stunning open sea view camping site


3165, Dinosaur Road, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do


Telephone: 070-4152-5255

Nearby Activities

While enjoying your camping experience, consider visiting the surrounding tourist attractions. Look for dinosaur footprints, participate in the Dinosaur Festival, visit the park tourist complex, experience green travel, sunrise cruise, historical and cultural trips. Some activities to enjoy depending on the season include spring flower viewing, summer water activities, autumn foliage viewing, and walking trails.