Enjoy a Refreshing Break in Jirisans Forest Retreat: Playing in Cool Georim Valley

Jirisan Forest Retreat

Jirisan Forest Retreat

Imagine dipping your feet into the cool waters of the Georim Valley, letting the gentle stream wash away your worries. This is what awaits you at Jirisan Forest Retreat, nestled in the heart of Jirisan, a mountain that wraps you in its warm embrace like a loving mother.

Jirisan is a pristine sanctuary that not only boasts a breathtaking landscape in all four seasons but also generously releases phytoncides, organic compounds emitted by trees, and plants that are beneficial for our health. Among the lush greens of Jirisan lies our camping site complete with a pension house, providing a perfect balance of adventure and comfort.

Right in front of the camping site flows the Georim Valley, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip or even try your hand at catching fish – a great experience for kids. We also have a platform for our day-tripping guests to enjoy the cool valley. The camping site also features a foot volleyball court for kids to play to their heart’s content.

For corporate meetings or larger groups, we offer a convenient indoor auditorium and conference room. We also have an outdoor BBQ area for our pension guests. Notable nearby attractions include Cheonwangbong Peak, the second-highest peak in South Korea, Donguibogam Village (a traditional Korean medicine theme park), Gyeongho River Rafting, Namsa Yedamchon, and Hwangmaesan Mountain, known for its royal azalea blooms.

Location & Contact

Address: 195-15 Seseok-gil, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Telephone: 010-9926-2017

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