Eden Auto Camping Site: A Fortress Surrounded by Mountains

Eden Auto Campsite: A Fortress Surrounded by Mountains

Eden Auto Campsite

Located in Jukjang-myeon, Pohang city, Gyeongbuk, the Eden Auto Campsite is approximately 43Km away from the Pohang City Hall. You can reach the campsite by taking Route 31, Saemaeul Road, and Jukjang Road in that order. The journey takes around 55 minutes. The campsite has eight auto camping sites. Sites made up of decks are 4m wide and 6m long for four sites and 6m wide and 10m long for one site. Sites with gravel floors are available without any specific dimensions, which means any tent can be pitched. The campsite operates all year round except in winter, from early December to the end of February. Personal caravans and trailers are not allowed. Small dogs are allowed, but they must be leashed. The administration office provides extension cords, grills, and dishes for rent. If you find camping inconvenient, you might want to consider using the pension that operates with the campsite.

Location and Nearby Activities

The Eden Auto Campsite is located at 15 Gasa-gil, Jukjang-myeon, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk. The campsite offers a variety of activities, especially in the summer where you can enjoy water play and walking trails.

Features and Benefits

Despite the absence of specific features and benefits, the Eden Auto Campsite offers a unique experience of being surrounded by mountains, giving campers a fortress-like vibe. Being in the heart of nature, this campsite is a perfect place for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the serenity of nature.