Earthy Aroma Glamping: The Exciting Camping Site Filled with Childrens Laughter

Earth Scent Glamping: Never-ending Joy Amidst Nature

Earth Scent Glamping

Providing an exhilarating and thrilling camping experience, Earth Scent Glamping is an ideal destination where the laughter of children never ceases. This campsite combines the luxury of glamorous camping or ‘glamping’ with a pension setup, nestled in a serene mountainous region cohabiting with plants and animals.

Unique Features

Earth Scent Glamping is akin to a mini animal farm where children can observe and interact with diverse species. The campsite houses a small pond with armored catfish, and a 2,000-pyeong lotus field next to the campsite teems with colorful carp. Children can engage in activities such as pedal boating, kayaking, and feeding silk carp in the lotus field.

In addition to these, there are opportunities to experience making lotus leaf rice, lotus tea, and lotus flower tea. The nearby reservoir allows for fun fishing activities. The campsite also offers farm experiences like blueberry, dragon fruit, strawberry, and paprika picking. The campsite manager, with a knack for showing the elusive face of the hedgehog, is formidable enough to receive cheers from children.

Not only children but also adults can take a trip back to their childhood by making cotton candy and Dalgona (Korean honeycomb candy). As the sun sets, people immerse themselves in these activities, forgetting the time. The campsite is a place where the absence of the internet and TV doesn’t matter as children naturally blend with nature, sporting wide smiles and incessant laughter.


  • Well-manicured landscape
  • Cotton candy and Dalgona making
  • Hammock setup for each glamping unit
  • Abundance of experiential learning opportunities (feeding armored catfish, handling scorpions, snakes, and venomous spiders)

Contact and Location

Address: 338 Wonsan-ri, Dosan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Telephone: 055-645-7976

Nearby Activities

Enjoy fishing and engaging activities, experience the beauty of spring flowers, and explore walking trails in the vicinity of Earth Scent Glamping.