Dream On: Pristine Forest Camping at Kkumae Auto Campground

Dream Love Auto Camping Site

Dream Love Auto Camping Site

At first glance, the Dream Love Auto Camping Site, or 꿈애 오토캠핑장, strikes you with its immaculate organization within a forest environment. Located in Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, it’s just about 6 km from the Chilgok County Office. Despite its proximity to the city, this camping site is surrounded by natural forests on all sides, offering a nature-friendly atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

Getting There

The journey to the camping site is a quick 10-minute drive, alternating between Gwanmun-ro, Hoguk-ro, and Bonggye-ro. Once you set foot in the camping site, you’re greeted by neatly organized camping sites that are quite impressive. The facilities, including the sinks and shower rooms, are meticulously clean. The camping site comprises 28 car camping sites, with 11 crushed stone sites and 17 deck sites. Small dogs are allowed, and guests can bring their trailers and caravans.

Facilities and Nearby Attractions

In addition to the camping site, Dream Love also operates guest rooms. This site is open all year round, making it an ideal spot for any season. For those looking for nearby attractions, there’s plenty to explore. The Mae-won Village, Waegwan Bridge, and Songjeong Natural Recreation Forest are all within a short distance, ideal for a linked trip. Numerous restaurants in the vicinity allow you to enjoy the pleasure of gastronomy.

Contact Information

  • Address: 400-1 Bonggye-ri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Telephone: 070-4140-2345

Nearby Activities

Depending on the season of your visit, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as Spring flower tours, Summer water fun, Autumn foliage spots, and walking trails.