Dream On at the Dreaming Campsite: A Refuge for Those Yearning to Dream Again

Dreaming Campsite: Envision Your Dreams in Nature’s Embrace

Located in Godalri, Gokseong-gun, Dreaming Campsite or “Kkumkkuneun Campingjang” in Korean, is a haven for those looking to reconnect with their dreams amidst the serenity of Mother Nature. This campsite is nestled under the Cheonmasan Mountain, surrounded by a lush forest of pine, oak, and cypress trees.

The Dreaming Campsite

The campsite stands out for its unique terraced independent sites that follow along the mountain’s valley. With 1 to 4 sites per team, these are designed to ensure that campers can enjoy a private, immersive experience. The abundance of trees also makes it an ideal spot for setting up hammocks and embracing the tranquility of the forest.

Unique Events at the Dreaming Campsite

One of the major attractions of the Dreaming Campsite is its calendar of unique events. The campsite celebrates the Halloween season in the last week of October with children dressing up in costumes and participating in a candy hunt. There are also events where campers who bring certain foods are rewarded with meals from the campsite. These events are open to everyone, from children to adults, making it a fun-filled, inclusive space.

The prizes for these events are quite generous, ranging from firewood, 50% discount coupons for the site, free site usage vouchers, to 5,000 and 10,000 won store vouchers. For those who enjoy a touch of the extraordinary, these events add an extra layer of enjoyment to their camping experience.

Visitors often affectionately refer to the Dreaming Campsite as ‘DreamCamp’ or ‘KkumCamp’ in Korean. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a dream-like day at the DreamCamp?

Practical Information

  • Address: 325 Gosan-ro, Godal-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 010-3634-4887

Nearby Activities

The Dreaming Campsite is also in proximity to several tourist attractions, including spots for watching the sunrise and sunset, spring flower tours, and summer water activities. Embarking on these excursions can add an extra dash of excitement to your camping trip.