Dragon Stream Pine Forest Tourist Farm: A Serene Pension & Camping Site Nestled by the Waterfall

Dragon’s Fall Pine Farm Tourist Plantation

Dragon's Fall Pine Farm Tourist Plantation

The Dragon’s Fall Pine Farm Tourist Plantation, also known as “용추솔밭관광농원” in Korean, is a delightful camping and pension site nestled in the heart of the mountains next to the Dragon’s Fall Waterfall. This serene location offers an exceptional camping experience for nature and Korean culture enthusiasts.


The camping site is situated at the upper stream of the Dragon’s Fall Valley in Anui-myeon, Hamyang, in the southern part of Gyeongnam province. Its strategic location within the KiBaek Mountain National Park, a national scenic beauty, and just a 3-minute drive from the Dragon’s Fall Waterfall, offers a picturesque and breathtaking view.


The camping site is located halfway up the mountain, presenting a panoramic view of the Hwangseok Mountain at a glance. Down below, you can see the water facilities of the Dragon’s Fall Valley spectacularly laid out. Furthermore, an outdoor swimming pool and rest area overlooking this beautiful landscape are available for campers, making it an extremely popular spot during the summer.

A unique feature of this site is the camping deck on two high terraces behind the pension and the outdoor swimming pool. However, keep in mind that while the view gets better as you go higher, the convenience facilities are somewhat far away.

Contact Information

  • Address: 494-6 Yongchu Valley Road, Anui-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 010-6495-4333

Nearby Activities

Being at the heart of nature, the camping site offers several outdoor activities. During summer, you can enjoy water games, and in the fall, it serves as a beautiful spot to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.