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Wild Echo Caravan Campground

Wild Echo Caravan Campground

Introducing Wild Echo Caravan Campground, a unique camping spot nestled within the Baekyangsa Naejangsan National Park. The name “들음카라반 캠핑장” translates to “Wild Echo Caravan Campground” in English, encapsulating the serene ambiance of this camping site. Offering a 1+1 camping experience, when you rent a caravan, you can also use a tent.

A Look Inside the Wild Echo Caravan Campground

Located within the Baekyangsa Naejangsan National Park, the campground offers easy access for those coming from Gwangju, taking only about 40-50 minutes by car. The site covers an area of 1000㎡, housing six caravans, and the ground is covered with crushed stones.

Based on the reviews from previous visitors, the interior of the caravans is spacious and clean compared to other places. The biggest advantage of this site is that when you rent a caravan, you can also use the tent in front, perfect for enjoying a barbecue. Inside the tent, there are tables and chairs, providing a comfortable space for individual use.

Experience the Best of Korean Seasons

The peak season at Wild Echo Caravan Campground is during the fall when beautiful autumn foliage paints the scene. Just a five-minute drive away, the autumn leaves of Baekyangsa are a renowned attraction in Jangseong. Enjoy a leisurely walk immersed in the refreshing air, accompanied by the chirping of birds in the dense forest.

Location and Nearby Activities

  • Address: 59-9 Gain-gil, Bukha-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Nearby activities: Famous autumn foliage spot, winter snow flower spot, walking trails