Deulsori Kids Glamping: A Grand Scale Kids Glamping Site in Naju Plain

Sound of the Field Kids Glamping

Sound of the Field Kids Glamping

Located at the edge of Naju Plain, the Sound of the Field Kids Glamping campsite is a large-scale haven for kid-friendly outdoor adventures.


The Sound of the Field Kids Glamping is not nestled in the mountains, but rather it is situated at the end of the Yeongsan River’s Naju Plain. It is closer to Yeongsanpo than Yeongam. This campsite is highly popular in the surrounding area as it boasts a range of facilities and programs tailored for children. It features an indoor children’s playground, air bounce, rail sled, a variety of rides such as the small carousel, slide swimming pool, balloon water hill, and walking horse ride.

Children can also engage in numerous seasonal programs they love, such as goldfish catching, gathering chickens and rabbits, melon harvesting, and electric kart riding. The region where the campsite is located used to be the cool place of the agricultural song, or “Sound of the Field,” which was sung in the Yeongsan River basin centered on the Naju Plain, thus providing an opportunity for historical education.


The campsite is located at 384-14, Sound of the Field Road, Sinbuk-myeon, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do.