Discover Baekunsan Camping Site: A Unique Camping Experience in a Converted Abandoned School at the Foot of Baekunsan Mountain

White Cloud Mountain Camping Ground

White Cloud Mountain Camping Ground

The White Cloud Mountain Camping Ground, or 백운산캠핑장 in Korean, is a quaint camping site nestled on the slopes of White Cloud Mountain. The site was once a school that was abandoned 30 years ago. It was later refurbished into a camping ground that is now managed by the White Cloud Mountain Cooperative.


The camping ground is situated at the crossroads leading from Deogyusan to Jirisan, in Baekjeon, Hamyang County. This strategic location offers campers an opportunity to connect with nature and explore the surrounding landscapes.


The old classrooms of the former Baekjeon Elementary School have been repurposed into an administrative office, convenience facilities, and experiential spaces. The camping sites have been set up around the shade of trees next to the school’s sports field. In addition to these, there are bungalow facilities available for use.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2755 Hamyangnamseo-ro, Baekjeon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  • Telephone: 055-964-1279

Nearby Activities

One of the highlights of visiting the White Cloud Mountain Camping Ground is embarking on a spring flower trip. This activity allows you to appreciate the diverse and vibrant flora of the region, further enhancing your camping experience.