Deokdong Mountain Paradise: A Scenic Camping Site Nestled in the Forest.

Paradise on Deokdong Mountain

Deokdong Mountain Camping Site

Paradise on Deokdong Mountain, or 덕동 산상낙원 in Korean, is a general camping site nestled in the forest like a haven. Located in Baekwoon-Myeon, Jecheon City, in the province of Chungbuk, it offers a serene escape, about 28 kilometers away from the Jecheon City Hall.

Getting There

The journey takes approximately 35 minutes by car, heading north via Gookhak Mountain Road and Deokdong Road. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a forest filled with phytoncides that can make you feel as if you’ve stumbled upon paradise, hence the name of the campsite.

Camping Facilities

The campsite is spread over four sections with 33 general camping spots made up of gravel and deck. Sizes and number of sites include 22 spots measuring 7m x 7m, 6 spots measuring 7m x 8m, and 5 spots measuring 8m x 10m. Each site is equipped with a fireplace and electricity, and both personal trailers and caravans are allowed. The management office rents out camping equipment such as reel lines and fireplaces. Small dogs are allowed in the campsite. The site is closed annually for three months from December.

Nearby Attractions

The campsite is surrounded by many attractions including Deokdong Valley, Park Daljae Natural Recreation Forest, and Baelon Holy Ground. There are also numerous restaurants around the valley, so you can easily find a dish to your liking.

  • Address: 609-90 Deokdong-ro, Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Telephone: 010-7188-6923


There are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the year including spring flower tours, summer water sports, autumn foliage viewing, winter snow flower viewing and walking trails.

Features and Benefits

The campsite also boasts a swimming pool, adding to its many attractive features.