Deep Forest Camping Site: A Harmonious Blend of Lake, Valley, and Woods

Deep Valley Amusement Park Campground

Deep Valley Amusement Park Campground

The Deep Valley Amusement Park Campground is a natural camping site where lakes, valleys and forests coexist. Not far from Seoul, this campground is located within the Deep Valley Amusement Park (Wangbang Mountain Rock Park) in Pocheon. The site is managed by the Deep Valley Village Association and is a camping site that includes both caravans and camping grounds, making it a popular destination for tourists looking for a good spot for hiking and trekking along pristine valleys.

Facilities and Campground Overview

Once you enter the campground decorated with artificial rocks, you will find seven state-of-the-art caravans and auxiliary facilities. The caravans are divided into 4-person and 6-person units, and the internal facilities include beds, induction heaters, microwaves, rice cookers, refrigerators, TVs, toilets, showers, and complete cooking tools. Each caravan also has a personal table installed in front, allowing for barbecuing. While the grill plate can be rented, charcoal should be prepared individually.

As you climb along the valley, you will find a camping site divided into deck and crushed stone sites. The spacious site spaces allow for comfortable tent installation, ensuring a relaxing camping experience. The deck site operates on a reservation system, and the crushed stone site requires an additional electric fee of 5,000 won. The shower must be used at a designated time, and a 20% discount is given to Pocheon citizens.

Location and Contact Details

Address: 71 Deep Valley Road, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 031-533-5155

Nearby Activities

The Deep Valley Amusement Park Campground is also a perfect base to enjoy various seasonal activities in the area:

  • Spring flower trip
  • Summer water play
  • Autumn foliage viewing spot
  • Winter snow flower viewing spot
  • Walking trail