Clam Island Campsite: A Food Lovers Paradise for Fresh Seafood and Fruit Picking!

Clam Island Camping Ground

Clam Island Camping Ground

Imagine a camping experience where you can catch clams, pick fruits and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. Welcome to Clam Island Camping Ground, a foodie’s paradise!


Clam Island Camping Ground is located on an island where the Seomjin River meets the sea. This auto camping site, which is operated alongside a pension, is essentially a hands-on nature learning center. A part of the camping site is dedicated to rearing goats and chickens, providing a unique opportunity for children to feed the animals and learn about nature. Plus, the organizers are generous enough to offer fresh eggs to the campers.

Almost every corner of the camping ground is filled with edible resources, making it a true food-themed nature learning center. With an abundance of fruit trees, you can pick and taste blueberries, plums, pomegranates, green plums, cherries, and barley water. You can also experience clam digging by the riverside. Thanks to the natural setting, children can run, scream and relieve stress in the vast camping area. One of the highlights of Clam Island Camping Ground is the ability to enjoy a stroll by the pine trees while looking at the sea.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 115-77 Woljin-gil, Gojeon-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 055-884-1080

Nearby Activities

For those visiting in the spring, a trip to see the beautiful blooming flowers is a must-do activity.