Chunjangdae Central Pine Forest Camp: Enjoy Forest Bathing and Sea Bathing Simultaneously

Chunjangdae Central Pine Forest Camping

Chunjangdae Central Pine Forest Camping

Tucked away in the vicinity of Chunjangdae Beach in Seocheon County, Chungcheongnam-do, Chunjangdae Central Pine Forest Camping is a haven where you can enjoy both forest bathing and sea bathing.

Getting There

The camping site is easily accessible from the Chunjangdae IC on the West Coast Expressway. After passing the Seo-myeon Office, you enter towards Chunjangdae Beach. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a vast pine forest. The camping sites are divided into several sections under the pine trees, so make sure to check the name of the camping site. Beneath the pine forest, there are 22 camping sites set up with wooden decks. Each site is equipped with electricity, and there are male and female toilets, unisex toilets, male and female showers, unisex showers, a communal kitchen, and a large public parking lot.

Surrounding Attractions

The camping site is surrounded by various attractions like Chunjangdae Beach, Maryang Harbor, Hongwon Harbor, and the reed field of Shinseong-ri, making it an ideal base for sightseeing. The Chunjangdae Beach is just a minute’s walk from the camping site, offering opportunities for sea bathing and clam digging in the summer. There are plenty of restaurants and convenience stores around, making your stay comfortable and convenient.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1273 Dodun-ri, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungnam
  • Telephone: 041-952-7015

Nearby Activities

There are plenty of activities to choose from, such as enjoying the sunset, water sports, various activities, and summer water play. Whether you’re an adventurer at heart or just looking for a relaxing retreat, Chunjangdae Central Pine Forest Camping offers the perfect blend of nature and Korean culture.