Chilseon Valley Glamping: Experience Refreshing Summers Amidst the Cool Waters

Chilsun Valley Glamping

Chilsun Valley Glamping

The Chilsun Valley Glamping site is a haven where the warm summer becomes cool with the refreshing sound of water from the Chilsun Valley. Nestled within the beauty of nature in Jirisan Chilsun Valley, this dome-shaped glamping site offers an experience that unites you with a world of untouched serenity.

Experience Pure Tranquility

Wake up to the morning melodies of birds and insects. As the night falls, become friends with the stars that seem to pour down from the sky. The dome-shaped glamping tents on the site are all flame-retardant, offering a safer camping experience.

Comfort and Convenience

Each tent is equipped with facilities such as a bed, refrigerator, clothes hanger, fan, gas burner, and all cooking tools. A private terrace and barbecue party equipment are set up in front of the glamping site for you to enjoy a quiet meal. Shared facilities include a toilet and a shower room.

Refreshing Activities

Right next to the campsite is Chilsun Valley, one of Korea’s top three valleys, which takes charge of your summer water play. The valley has a dedicated deck, making it a perfect spot for children to play. The shallow areas are safe for children to play and catch fish, while adults can venture into deeper waters. The sound of the water alone, heard from within the tent, provides a healing experience.


The Chilsun Valley Glamping is located at 201 Chilsun-ro, Machon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Nearby Activities

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Chilsun Valley Glamping offers a unique camping experience, combining the comfort of luxurious facilities with the raw beauty of nature. It’s a perfect getaway from the bustling city life, into the heart of tranquility and peace.