Cheonggwang Birds Dawn Camping: Delight in a Campsite Where You Can Meet Eagles!

Blue Light Birds Horizon Campground

Blue Light Birds Horizon Campground

The Blue Light Birds Horizon Campground, located in Goseong, is a delightful camping site where you can encounter eagles. Following the footsteps of dinosaurs, you’ll find this campground nestled within a rural experience resort village that operates over 40 camping sites and pensions.

A Treasure Trove of Experiences

This campground is not just a place for relaxation; it’s also a hub for diverse experiential learning for children. From traditional oil pressing classes in the mill next to the campground to video broadcasting rooms where kids can sing along to music and see themselves on screen, there’s no shortage of things to do.

It even serves as a village enterprise selling perilla and sesame oil directly extracted from locally grown sesame. The sight of children engaging in traditional oil pressing activities, something they are usually unfamiliar with, is an adorable sight that adds to the charm of this campground.

Recreational Facilities and Activities

  • Soccer field, volleyball court, and foot volleyball court
  • A children’s playground established in 2019
  • A small foot bath where you can cool off (water play possible)
  • Children’s play square line road where you can ride bicycles, rollerblades, and kickboards

During the winter, the campground becomes a habitat for eagles, a natural monument. Visitors can observe flocks of eagles in flight. It’s a beautiful sight that adds to the joy of camping here.

Features and Benefits

  • Small farm with rabbits, chickens, and ducks
  • Pet-friendly camping site – additional fees not required (However, pets are not allowed in the pensions)
  • Shower facilities, restrooms, water taps
  • Playground and foot bath for children, experiential activities, and more

Contact and Location

Address: 1296 Yeonghoe-ro, Gaechon-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Telephone: 055-672-7985

Nearby Activities

For those who’d like to venture out, fishing, autumn foliage viewing spots, and walking trails are available nearby. Thank you for choosing to stay at the clean and serene Blue Light Birds Horizon Campground, where health and happiness sharing is practiced.