Byeonsan Auto Camping Site: A Public Campground Next to Byeonsan Beach

Byeonsan Auto Camping Ground

Byeonsan Auto Camping Ground

The Byeonsan Auto Camping Ground is a public camping site located next to the Byeonsan Beach in Buan County. This serene camping ground offers an ideal getaway for nature and camping enthusiasts.

Location and Facilities

Byeonsan Auto Camping Ground is located at 2054 Byeonsan-ro, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do. This camping site boasts of 5 caravans and 29 personal caravan sites, all of which are made of crushed stone. Each site offers ample parking space, excluding which, the sites are approximately 5x7m in size.

Every site is equipped with individual washing stands for the convenience of campers. The caravan site features a spacious yard and individual tables are provided, making it ideal for outdoor activities even without separate chairs. Moreover, the site offers clean and well-maintained facilities including separate shower rooms, restrooms, and cooking areas.

Attractions and Activities

Located just 200 meters away from Byeonsan Beach, the camping site offers a breathtaking view of the beach through a nearby forest. Swimming is a popular activity here, and the area is also famous for its beautiful sunsets. Visitors often come here to enjoy the sunset over the West Sea and experience the mudflats.

  • In addition to the beach, there are numerous tourist attractions in the vicinity such as Chaeseokgang, Naesosa, Saemangeum, Gyeokpo Port, and Julpo Bay Mudflat Ecological Park.

  • Other nearby activities include sunset viewing spots, summer water play, and walking trails.

Contact Information

For more information or inquiries about the Byeonsan Auto Camping Ground, you can reach them at 1670-3639.