BoKyungSa Healing Campsite: The Pristine Getaway near BoKyungSa Temple

BoKyungsa Healing Campground

BoKyungsa Healing Campground

BoKyungsa Healing Campground, situated in Pohang city’s northern district in Gyeongsangbuk-do, is a camping site that stands out for its cleanliness. Located approximately 29km from Pohang City Hall, it is a 40-minute drive via Heemang-ro, Yeongilman-ro, and Donghae-ro. The campground, which opened in 2018, is near BoKyungsa Provincial Park and is well-maintained, making it impressively clean.

Campground Features

The campground has 42 general campsites, all of which have crushed stone floors. The site sizes vary, with dimensions of 8m x 8m and 19m x 10m. Some sites are equipped with metal sunshades, so there’s no need to prepare a tarp. Personal trailers and caravans are allowed, and small dogs are free to enter and exit the campground. This campground is open year-round, making it perfect for any season.

Local Attractions and Activities

  • Spring Flower Tour
  • Summer Water Play
  • Fall Foliage Spot
  • Winter Snow Flower Spot
  • Walking Trails

Its proximity to famous tourist attractions such as BoKyungsa Provincial Park and Hwajinpo Beach makes it great for combined trips. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby for food enthusiasts.

Location and Contact

Address: 307, Bokyeong-ro, Songna-myeon, Buk-gu, Pohang city.

Telephone: Not provided.

You can stay overnight at this campground, making it an ideal spot for a camping trip immersed in the beauty of Korean nature.