Art & Experience Camp: A Korean Camping Site for Both Kids and Adults

Art & Experience Camp

Art & Experience Camp

The Art & Experience Camp is a unique camping site located in Goseong, Gyeongnam, where both adults and kids can enjoy together. The campsite offers both glamping and camping amenities, making it an ideal getaway for families.

Getting Around

One of the best features of the Art & Experience Camp is its accessibility. You can park right in front of your site, saving the hassle of hauling heavy luggage around. The campsite has a spacious layout with crushed stone and deck sites, giving you ample space to set up your tent and enjoy a comfortable stay.


The camp provides 24-hour hot water, shower facilities, and free use of electricity and Wi-Fi. For children, the campsite offers a sandy playground, mini soccer field, and various playrooms in each classroom. The kids can enjoy their time without realizing how quickly time flies. The camp also provides a coin karaoke, library, table tennis, and indoor playrooms for infants. There’s also a trampoline divided into indoor and outdoor sections for kids to play safely.

Entertainment and Activities

On weekends, the camp even arranges movie screenings for children. In the summer, a shaded swimming pool is available, taking care of your child’s summer fun needs. The camp operates on a reservation system and has a public refrigerator, ensuring that you can enjoy fresh food even on hot summer days.

Nearby Activities

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The Art & Experience Camp is located at 251 Muryang-ro, Daega-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam.