Yangchon Stream Experience Camp: A Haven for Foodie Adventures

Yangchon Stream Experience Camp

Yangchon Stream Experience Camp

The Yangchon Stream Experience Camp is a haven for food lovers looking to immerse themselves in diverse culinary experiences. Nestled between the mountains of Yeohangsan, Jeokseoksan, and Inseongsan, the campsite is enveloped by a picturesque panorama resembling a traditional folding screen.

The campsite is serenely accompanied by the beautiful Gogeok forest and the clear waters of the Jinjeon stream. The site includes both a pension and a camping area, divided into three sections. The spacious layout allows for comfortable tent installation, reducing inconvenience and facilitating a peaceful rest.

Equipped with a distribution board, the campsite supports electricity usage, making it even more convenient. Sports facilities, including a foot volleyball court, enable visitors to engage in various physical activities. The water play facility for children is another popular attraction. Even non-campers can enjoy these facilities for a small admission fee of 3,000 KRW.

One of the most popular activities is the pizza-making experience for kids. Children are often fascinated and delighted by the process of making and eating their own pizzas. It is recommended to book this experience in advance to avoid disappointment.

Contact Information & Location

  • Address: 60, Uisan Samil-ro, Jinjeon-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: 055-271-2012