Walden Camp: A Green Camping Site Nestled between the Blue Pine Forest and Yangyangs Ocean

Walden Camp: A Green Campsite Nestled in Pine Forests and Close to the Blue Sea of Yangyang

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Walden Camp, or 월든캠프 in Korean, is a green campsite that is situated amidst verdant pine forests and is in close proximity to the blue sea of Yangyang. This serene location makes it an ideal getaway for the nature lovers and campers seeking tranquility and beautiful sceneries.

Features and Benefits

  • Walden Camp, a large campsite near Songjeon Beach, serves not only as a camping spot but also functions as a cultural space.
  • The campsite is densely populated with old pine trees, providing a cool shade even during the hot summer, making camping a pleasurable experience.
  • The campsites are spaciously arranged for comfort and convenience.
  • A short walk from the campsite will take you to Songjeon Beach where you can enjoy swimming and surfing.
  • Within the camp, you can enjoy small concerts, exhibitions, and other events, making it a cultural space as well as a camping spot.

Contact Information

Address: 28 Songpyeong-gil, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do

Telephone: 0507-1402-1974

Nearby Activities

At Walden Camp, there is a variety of activities you can enjoy, such as water sports, fishing, other activities, summer water games, and walking trails. This ensures that your camping experience is not only relaxing but also filled with fun and adventure.