VIP Auto Camping Site: Sleep Under the Starry Night Sky in the Clear Air

VIP Auto Camping Site

VIP Auto Camping Site

The VIP Auto Camping Site is a perfect place to drift off to sleep under a blanket of stars, surrounded by crisp and clean air. Nestled amidst beautiful mountains and clear streams, this campsite provides an exceptional outdoor experience.

Setting and Amenities

Comprised of bungalows and a pension-style camping area, the VIP Auto Camping Site boasts over 20 gravel sites. The generous spacing between the sites ensures campers have ample room to comfortably set up their tents. As each electrical distribution box is shared between 6 to 8 sites, it’s recommended to prepare a 30M extension cord.

Campers will appreciate the plentiful and clean restrooms, eliminating the need to wait in line. The spacious and well-maintained shower facilities not only provide hot water but also include a separate powder room. The modern dishwashing facilities, which also provide hot water, are ideal for washing greasy dishes. The men’s and women’s shower rooms and restrooms are separate, adding to the comfort and convenience of the campsite.

Convenience and Nearby Attractions

Although the campsite has a small store for basic necessities, a convenience store and supermarket are conveniently located just a five-minute drive away. Small dogs are allowed, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.

As for nearby attractions, campers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yeongnam Alps harmonizing with the Miryang Dam. The Danjang Stream, which preserves the vibrancy of the mountain and water, boasts beautiful views. Additionally, there’s an ecological park featuring various sculptures and a wildflower garden.

Contact Information

  • Address: 10-11, Gorye 3-gil, Danjang-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: 010-3878-2927

Nearby Activities

Campers can engage in seasonal activities such as spring flower viewing, summer water play, and visiting autumn foliage spots.