The Camp: Family-friendly Camping Site in the Heart of Yeongnam Alps Gajisan

The Camp

The Camp

Located in the heart of the Yeongnam Alps, The Camp is a family-friendly camping site that’s nestled in the mountains. It’s located halfway along the route from Unmun Mountain Natural Recreation Forest to Seoknam Temple, making it an ideal spot for campers who love nature and tranquility.


The Camp, although not large in size, is equipped with a pool, a children’s playground, walking trails, and an ecological experience area, making it a perfect place to spend the day with your kids. The majority of the sites are shaded, offering relief from the sun, and the view overlooking the city of Onyang is absolutely breathtaking.


The Camp is situated at 420 Sapje Road, Sangbuk District, Ulju County, Ulsan. To reach it from Onyang, drive past the Sangbuk Industrial Complex, turn towards Unmunsah at Deokhyeon Intersection, and continue past the Gajisan Hot Springs. As the uphill path begins, you will soon see a signpost for The Camp on your right.

Nearby Activities

  • Visit the famous fall foliage spots in the area.


Please be informed that the camp currently doesn’t provide a contact number and doesn’t list any specific features and benefits.