Suridum Camping Site: The Perfect Auto-Campground for Stream Play during Vacation Season

Suridum Camping Ground

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful camping ground that is perfect for a refreshing summer getaway – Suridum Camping Ground. Nestled in the Unmun-myeon of Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, this auto camping ground is a haven for nature lovers and Korean culture enthusiasts alike.

Suridum Camping Ground

Getting There

Located about 41 kilometers away from the Cheongdo County Office, Suridum Camping Ground can be reached by driving along the Cheongrye-ro and Unmun-ro. The journey takes approximately an hour. Its location, adjacent to the Suridum River, makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a refreshing dip in the cool water, even in the peak of summer.


Surrounded by lush forests, Suridum Camping Ground offers a nature-friendly camping experience. It has 15 auto camping sites, each measuring 6 meters in width and 8 meters in length, and surfaced with crushed stones. There are plans to expand the camping ground with additional sites in the future. Excluding every Monday and Tuesday, which are the site’s rest days, the camping ground is open all four seasons.

Nearby Activities

  • Summer Water Play
  • Autumn Foliage Spot
  • Winter Snow Flower Spot
  • Walking Trails

Nearby Attractions

One of the major perks of camping at Suridum is the easy access to nearby attractions. Places like Unmunsan County Park, Gajisan Provincial Park, and Unmunsa Temple are within a short distance. Food lovers will also be delighted with the number of restaurants in close proximity to the camping ground, offering an opportunity to taste a variety of local dishes.


The Suridum Camping Ground is located at 156, Sinwon 3-gil, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.