Stepping Stones in the Mountain: A Feast of Cheerful Song and Dance at Cheonan Samgeori

Welcome to San-E-Deul-E Jing-Geom-Da-Ri (산에들에 징검다리)

Perched amidst the bucolic tranquility of Cheonan, San-E-Deul-E Jing-Geom-Da-Ri is a unique dining experience where farmers are at the helm of the culinary journey. This restaurant is a manifestation of authentic Korean culture and cuisine, nestled at Hwabok-Ro 486-53, Dongnam-Gu, Dong-Myeon, Cheonan-Si, Chungnam.

San-E-Deul-E Jing-Geom-Da-Ri exterior

Experience the Real Taste of Cheonan

San-E-Deul-E Jing-Geom-Da-Ri encapsulates the culinary essence of Cheonan under one roof. The restaurant’s slogan, ‘Cheonan Sam-Geori Heung-Ta-Ryeong’s Feast’ reflects the vibrancy and richness of the local cuisine. Your taste buds are sure to revel in the delightful dishes, carefully curated by the hands of farmers, who are also certified culinary experts themselves.

Delicious Korean dish

Reservations and Working Hours

The restaurant operates on a reservation system and it’s essential to make a reservation a day in advance, regardless of the number of people in your party. They serve customers from 11:00 to 15:00. Please note that the restaurant remains closed every Sunday. For reservations, you can reach them at 041-551-5292.

Restaurant interior

Award-Winning and Recognized Chefs

The chefs at San-E-Deul-E Jing-Geom-Da-Ri are not just ordinary farmers but have also accomplished various culinary achievements. They have gone through a rigorous food expertise program at Woosong University, achieved the title of Traditional Food Commentator, have participated in world chef competitions, and even made appearances on live cooking shows. All this accumulated experience and recognition guarantee an extraordinary dining experience.

Chef at work


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