Starlight Campsite in Dalseo: A Caravan & Camping Site Nestled in the Hills with a Great View

Moon West Starlight Campsite

Moon West Starlight Campsite

Embraced within the stunning hillside panorama, the Moon West Starlight Campsite is a haven for those who love caravanning and camping.


The Moon West Starlight Campsite is nestled in Dalseo-gu, Daegu City. It’s approximately 9 km away from Daegu Metropolitan City Hall and can be reached by car via Dongdeok Road, Sincheon Road, and Apsan Circular Road in succession. The journey takes around 15 minutes. Despite being located on a modest hill, the beauty of the view overlooking from the campsite is outstanding, especially at night when the city lights of Daegu can be fully appreciated.

The campsite comprises 26 standard camping spots, 15 car camping spots, and 8 caravans. The standard campsites are deck-based with site sizes of 4m by 6m or 3m by 5m. The car camping spots are gravel-based and measure 5m by 9m. The caravan rooms are well-equipped with all the necessities required for day-to-day living.

In close proximity to the campsite are numerous tourist attractions of Daegu including Daegu Modern Alley and Kim Kwang-seok Street. There are also a plethora of restaurants in the area offering gastronomical delights.

Features and Benefits

  • Opened in 2018


248 Apsan Circular Road, Dalseo-gu, Daegu (Songhyun-dong)


Phone: 054-667-3191

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